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SureBet - How To Play?

If you decide to bet on SureBet, you have to remember about several important factors. Having a large number of accounts with bookmakers is a very important factor, as well as having the right amount of money. The majority of Sure Bets is within the range of 5%-7% profit, so betting 10 or 20 € will not bring a high profit. Sure Bets offered by many websites can be found with several bookmakers (our website looks for Sure Bets with 58 different bookmakers).Therefore, having a large number of accounts is necessary to event start making Sure Bets.

Registration is very simple and quick, it does not take longer than 2-3 minutes. It is for free, and when making Sure Bets it is very useful. Of course, many bookmakers offer a welcome bonus, however I discourage from using it when making Sure Bets. Our list below shows the most popular bookmakers with whom you may find Sure Bets the most often. A similar list can be found here. More about SureBet can be read here.

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Surebet and Risk

It seems that when choosing Surebets it is not possible to lose and such bet will always bring profit. It is true, but… well, the problem may arise when:


  1. We want to make a Sure Bet (for example Radwańska-Williams) and with bookmaker X we bet a previously calculated odd for Radwańska, then with bookmaker Y we want to bet for Williams, but at the same time bookmaker Y changed the odd for that game and it turns out that there is no SureBet for that match anymore. In such case, we have to hope that Radwańska wins and we make profit with bookmaker X.
  2. Limits – it may turn out that bookmaker X sets a limit for a given event. If we have at our disposal €10000 and with bookmaker Y we bet €3500 (according to SureBets calculator), and with bookmaker X €6500 , the problem will arise when bookmaker X sets a limit for that event (e.g. €3000). Then we will not achieve a Surebet and we have to hope that the result we bet with bookmaker Y will be correct.
  3. Cancelled meeting – if we bet for a football game and it is cancelled (e.g. in 85 min), then according to the rules of particular bookmaker sit may be counted as finished, but for example bookmaker Y may cancel the bet.
  4. Mistakes in odds – Bookmaker has the right to cancel the bet, even after the end of the event if he made an apparent error in the odd. For example for the game Spain -San Marino the odds should be more or less 1-1,01 / X-9,00 / 2-18,00 ,but the bookmaker made a mistake for 1-18,00 / X-9,00 / 2-1,0, then in such case, according to the rules, the bookmaker will surely cancel all the bets for that game. We should never choose Sure Bets for such event.

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